No two dance schools are the same, so we offer options to help you create a singing stream that works for you.

The SVA Curriculum

Developing young voices is an art and a science. Our comprehensive custom-written curriculum is the result of our many years of training and teaching experience, and it underpins all our educational programs as well as our teacher training and certification.

Group Classes

Give your students an innovative and well-structured group class structure that caters for beginner to advanced singers. Your students will develop their performance skills, build their knowledge of musical theatre repertoire, and strengthen their musical foundations - all while learning alongside their dance friends.

Private Lessons

Create a thriving individual tuition program at your dance school to give your students the opportunity to work intensively on their vocal technique, and set them up for vocal longevity. Private lessons also allow you to use your studio use and create an additional income stream. 

Workshops and Masterclasses

Book a workshop or masterclass with one of our expert teachers, where your students can discover audition techniques, perfect their vocal concert items or put the finishing touches on their exam repertoire.


We'll help your teachers to prepare students for AMEB Musical Theatre and Rockschool Vocals exams. These internationally-recognised exam pathways cater for beginner to advanced students, and culminate in Diploma-level qualifications. Additionally, formal examination achievements are excellent additions to job / school / scholarship / university applications.

VoxKinetic Blueprints

Tap into our expertise and follow our guides to help you host great events with a minimum of fuss. We've got VoxKinetic Blueprints for concerts, musical theatre productions, workshops/masterclasses and more!

SVA Online

All your singing students and teachers receive complimentary access to SVA Online, our ever-growing depository of online courses and resources that give students and staff the opportunity to keep learning beyond class time.

Teacher Certification

We train and certify carefully chosen educators to deliver our programs. When you need a teacher, we'll help you source one from our network of VoxKinetic certified professionals. We can also certify your existing singing teacher so that your students can continue working with a familiar educator.

... and more to come

We've got some really exciting plans for the future, and we want you to be part of them. Will you help us to raise the next generation of Australia's singers?

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