​​​​Exam Registration

Exam Registration

Would you like to sit for an external exam in Term 4, 2019? Just fill in the VoxKinetic Exam Registration Form below.

Exams are a fantastic way to develop your skills and move forward in your musical journey. Sure, there is hard work involved, and there can be moments of stress, but we consistently notice that students who sit for external exams enjoy excellent progress. We recommend that every student in year 3 and above is working through an appropriate exam syllabus.

Students who are certain that they would like to sit for an end of year exam can fill out the form below. If you're interested in exams but not 100% sure, please talk to your teacher first. 

By filling in this form you ARE committing to registering for an exam and will be invoiced by Dance Encore for the relevant exam and book fee. Please note that this form should be filled in by a parent for students who are under 18.

Don't forget - we're here to support you each step of the way!

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