VoxKinetic: Discover the singer within


Give your dancers the singing training they deserve

You're a forward-thinking dance school principal who values your students' voices as well as their feet. As a dance school, you’re making your mark in your community and are known for your commitment to excellence, and your nurturing approach to training young dancers.

You already know your students need top-notch singing skills in the highly competitive world of dance, but it mightn’t be something you’ve had the time to fully implement yet - or maybe you just don’t quite know where to start? Perhaps you’ve been running singing programs for a long time now, and you know you're ready to take your singers to the next level.

VoxKinetic by Sydney Vocal Academy is a new initiative created just for dance schools who want their singers to soar. VoxKinetic enables your staff and students to tap into our expertise and successful teaching programs, without even leaving your studio. We can help you set up group and private singing programs from scratch, or we can revitalise your existing programs.

How VoxKinetic can help you

For your students

SVA Online access via your studio-branded page for your students and teachers - 24/7 access to online courses and resources in music literacy / theory, repertoire lists, exam preparation and so much more!

AMEB Musical Theatre and Rockschool Vocals exam preparation and support. These examinations are incredibly valuable tools for ensuring continuous improvement and appropriate vocal development.

For your teachers

Teacher training intensives to train and certify new teachers, and an active online VoxKinetic teacher community to build community and facilitate support.

Weekly online group mentoring sessions with Tim Moxey to ensure that your staff are constantly developing their own vocal and teaching skills, and that they fully understand how to successfully implement the VoxKinetic material.

For your studio

Our comprehensive SVA Curriculum underpins all our instructional design, and we provide supporting lesson plans for your classes that covers technique, repertoire, performance skills, music literacy, industry studies and audition preparation, from beginner to professional. 

VoxKinetic Blueprints  give you step-by-step instructions for creating awesome singing concerts and events. Access to our network of SVA Certified teachers means we can you find new staff or fill-in teachers who are trained to deliver VoxKinetic programs.

That's not everything

we’re just getting started, and there’s so much more to come!

Who are the people behind VoxKinetic?

We're Tim and Lauren Moxey, and training young voices is our thing.

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